Thai Massage = Health & Relaxation

Thailand has long been popular for people who seek relaxation and health treatments. Such relaxing, healthful treats usually cost only a fraction here than in their home nations. And, they get to enjoy such care while having a vacation in paradise. A great bonus is that they can do this as a “side-dish” to a perfect NAUTINESS II sailing trip.

Thai massage is a wonderful follow-up to a day of sailing and diving. It can follow a golfing day that is topped by an evening sail. Or, many relax with a good ‘rub’ after a sailing, swimming, snorkeling journey to one of our many trips to nearby attractions such as the islands of Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Ang Thong National Marine Park – or near-shore trips around lovely Koh Samui. This heavenly island jewel is our base for private yacht charter sailing in Thailand – “Samui” is the short name.

This country has been the best place to go for decades for holidays full of healthy foods, spa and herbal treatments, and Thai massage! The massage will be called by its Thai name, “Nuat Thai,” more in the future, The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) recently announced.

As part of the move to the Asia-wide ASEAN community in the next few years, TAT has expanded its worldwide promotion of total healthy regimens, including spa treatments, yoga, special diets, and detoxification programs.

Indirectly, Thai massage is part of our “complete attention to every guest” charter sailing. Samui has many places to get an “acceptable” massage. But, we can direct you to the premier place to receive the best massage, spa, scrubs and related treatments on the island, perfectly named, “Samui Massage.”

Thoroughly trained team members offer a variety of massage types: Traditional, Sports, Aloe and Vitamin E, Oil or Coconut Oil, for various body areas, like neck and shoulders, feet, ears, or, total-body massages. Some people ask for vigorous massages, while others like to sleep to a calming, soothing massage like no other.

After a day of sailing and diving on the boat, you might have gotten enough sun and exercise to need a skin soothing and cooling Aloe Vera Treatment Massage. Thai massage uses similar energy pathways or meridians to acupressure, and is designed to promote wellness and inner healing on many levels.

In addition, Samui Massage Shops offers numerous invigorating, healthy body scrubs and treatments, pedicures and manicures, facials, cellulite treatments and more.

Sunday, December 20th 2015