Author: Andreas Duswald sen. = Skipper by passion

Before I come to write about the birth of our ship, NAUTINESS II, I have to go back a little in order to make the story understandable.

I got infected with the sailing virus at the tender age of 9 years even if only with the small inland waters virus. At that time, I started to sail with a B-catamaran as a kid and i really quickly learned to deal with the thing. Subsequently I started sailing regattas with my brother Otto – who actually also is infected – on the B-Kat, tornado, and a short time with a FD.
At 15, I was the first time on the sea and on the way from France with a cruise ship. The ship was 21m long and 8m wide – a giant ship with a captain and hostess – really great. On this cruise I got my first sailing license, and was mighty proud of it. It would take a few years, since this mode of traveling was still quite in its infancy and there was virtually no bareboat charter, until I could make my second cruise on the blue at 18.

The father of my ocean-sailing, Gerhard Huber had his own ship named FRANKONIA with a length of 27 feet = 9m. A very spartan small sailing yacht, equipped with a 120 liter fresh water tank and without fridge. But it was enough to infect me with the ocean sailing virus. The next few years sailing the high seas became more and more a permanent fixture in my life and soon as good as every holiday was used for offshore sailing. In the 90s I bought with my friend our first own ship, a Feeling 486, a great ship. Then we bought a Liberty 47, and later , with six of us we got a Halberg-Rassy 62 which we sailed in stages around the world and currently is back its way to Canada.

The first time we seriously discussed the ship project Nautiness II was when we ran the race committee for a sailing regatta on Mattsee on the “Nautiness I”. It should still take about a year until I was “pregnant” with the Nautiness II and we did a serious reflection on how we could put our plan into action. At the very beginning we were working on a way to find a concept for a circumnavigation of the globe, in a safe manner with a sufficient amount of guests to also be able to finance such a project. This project raised so many insurmountable hurdles that we started looking for other ways which one hand would be as attractive and on the other hand guaranteed an equally interesting sailing- and holiday feeling.

Since we have visited many sailing areas such as Norway, Sweden, Canada, USA, Cuba, Caribbean, South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Seychelles and Thailand, during the circumnavigation of the globe with my sailing ship AKKA – a Halberg Rassy 62 which I am involved in – the only decision we had to make was which country we want to travel. After weighing all the pros and cons the decision has been made to SAIL in THAILAND.

So we had two basic choices found. First, it had to be a catamaran and second sailing in the Gulf of Thailand. The search for a suitable catamaran has begun. We contacted shipyards and used boat dealers in order to find a suitable catamaran for our project. The catamaran had to be fitting in its size and space as well within our budget. Soon it became clear to us that it was easier said than done and the search for a suitable catamaran started to become a major struggle. But we were still very much committed to our sailing project and started parallel to work out various other details, which proved to be a huge task as well.

So we began to constantly develop and formulate new ideas. Where in Thailand, we want to establish our main base and which countries we actually want to travel in South-East Asia. We had to take into account, among other things, for example where it pays to go ashore in Thailand. After our sailing trips to the west coast of Thailand and Malaysia, we made the final decision no longer to set our sails in Langkawi Malaysia or Phuket Thailand but to build our sailing charter business on the east coast of Thailand with all the added benefits – around Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. From Koh Samui, we have a brilliant distance radius of miles to Pulau Redang, Perhentian Islands, and further south the Tioman Islands towards Singapore. To the east we sail to Vietnam, northeast Cambodia and to the north are under sail the world famous destinations Thailand Hua Hin, Pattaya, Bangkok and Koh Chang to be found. Your ideal vacation in and around Thailand under sail can thus begin. Probably for many the first time as a sailing holiday on the protected east coast of Thailand – so almost nothing stands a flexible holiday in the Gulf of Thailand, in the way.

In between, it should be mentioned at this point that we owe the name of our ship, to two Australians (Luke & Eve),who live with their NAUTINESS, a beautiful motor yacht in the Telaga Marina in Langkawi -. They allowed us in writing to baptize our boat NAUTINESS II – as long as it would also become a party boat!
After many talks in Austria about the marketing of our idea of ​​a special holiday in Thailand we had soon found a larger travel agency,with enthusiastic staff who were also quickly infected.Soon after we were negotiating with a longtime friend of Christian – Herwig Kraschowetz of WORLD OF TRAVEL with multiple offices in Austria ( –The negotiations came rapidly to a successful conclusion, which will have benefits for both sides.

But we still had to find the appropriate yacht charter catamaran. In Europe there was no suitable sailing yacht to be found, so we expanded our search to America, Australia, and finally to South-East Asia. Behold, we were successful! A shipyard near Bangkok, Bang Pagong. The first contacts were promising, so we decided to fly to Pattaya and drive to the sales office of the shipyard – near the Ocean Marina in Pattaya.

Once there it was clear to us that we had the right sailors nose. After countless meetings and detailed planning, we decided for a 45 foot sailing catamaran and after extensive preliminary negotiations, we signed the final contract for the build of our ship.

To be able to take care of our project “Sailing catamaran in Thailand” – which would take a year maximum, according to the boat building contract -, on the spot, I stayed on site. Initially, for about 10 days of vacation in a hotel in Pattaya, then I rented an apartment for a year near THE Marina in Thailand (Pattaya Ocean Marine).

After about four months, Christian has moved to Thailand as well and started on the dream island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand to found our paradise Living office and a company, so that everything is ready on time.

The project had come to the world after serious labor pains and given the name “NAUTINESS II”. From that point it was no longer just a project in our minds, now it started really to grow and thrive.

We write today 23 October 2011 and soon our dream ship will be delivered which exactly complies with our requirements for catamaran sailing in South-East Asia – specifically Sailing in Thailand – in combination with diving, fishing, snorkeling, swimming and many other possibilities, such as easy docking on sandy beaches with bow ladder (Draft fully loaded only 1 meter!), a magnificent kitchen with induction cooker (NO GAS aboard the NAUTINESS II!) … etc. WE LOOK FORWARD TO THE UPCOMING SAILING ADVENTURES IN THAILAND WITH YOU! Yes you can until the completion of NAUTINESS II – our dream boat – sometimes even dream to sail around Koh Samui with us ….