Additional Activities

Sailing in Thailand – Skipper training

If you are training for your skippers license and want to sail a boat yourself before you start… let us know. We will show you all you need to know and who knows, maybe one day you will sail around the world? You will learn all the maneuvres from setting sails to dropping the anchor so you can do it all on your own – with experienced and professional teachers, so no errors are occuring

If you and your companions need a sailing and night sailing certification let us know – we will prepare the trip to fit right to your needs.

Your children will be excited to sail with Somwang, our lucky charm.

If you are traveling with children we will help you to make their holidays as unforgettable as possible. Our “guide” Somwang Chokdee brings especially smaller children good mood and has many stories to tell.

Culinary delights on board of NAUTINESS II

We will take are of all your culinary needs on your trip with us. You can have dinner in one of the many original Thai restaurants on a remote beach or enjoy a meal far from any beach on board of NAUTINESS. Even Spaghetti or something else for your children is possible.

We can even offer you your personal chef on board, preparing for yourself and your guests in the comfort of our boat an unforgettable dining experience – the ultimate in creative cuisine.

Whatever it is: We will take are of all your culinary needs on your trip with us.