Big Buddha – Koh Samui

The Big Buddha is probably one of the most visited and most famous temples on Koh Samui!

This place is in the northern part, easily to find on a small peninsula in Bang Rak. The statue cannot be overlooked, as it is only about 12 meters high.

Moreover, it stands on a pedestal, so that you have to climb 73 steps first. The temple with this mighty Buddha statue is not only surrounded by sea water, there are also many other attractions, such as other statues of being of bhuddist legends, restaurants, coffee shops and a marketplace with many small shops, where you will be able to find an appropriate souvenir to take home.

Enjoy one of the many view of Big Buddha – for different moods – this is one of the most photographed subjects on Samui! No entry fee is taken to visit Big Bhudda, but we recommend to buy a tile in the temple and write your wishes on it. Those tiles will be used to rebuild buildings in the temple area and this way something very personal of you remains back on Samui when you travel home.

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