Sailing and Scuba Diving – The Perfect Combination in the Gulf of Thailand

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to experience wonderful, weightless diving, amidst the beauty under the ocean’s surface? Now’s your chance, and you can do it at your own pace, completely safely and privately! Known worldwide as a dive destination, Koh Samui and many other Gulf of Thailand locations attract scuba divers from around the globe who seek the region’s underwater peace and beauty.

The team of Sailing NAUTINESS can easily arrange an unforgettable combined experience of scuba diving and sailing for you, if wind and weather conditions on your planned sailing days allow.

Each diving-sailing cruise is personally planned and implemented with our guests!

You can take your own private diving instructor and carefully maintained diving equipment along. Our service is designed to meet your personalized needs, at competitive prices.

To ensure the safety and well-being of our guests we have one rule: We dive with a maximum group size of 4 divers per instructor!

Aboard the NAUTINESS II, using the latest diving instruction materials, you can get get the best intensive “classroom”. Our certified, safety-oriented diving instructors can provide complete dive training to you while on board, with plenty of relaxing ‘down-time’ and sailing between dives. We have the most advanced technical equipment, to assist in your training, as well. This includes a 40” flat panel display TV that can be used with our on-board computer for training and underwater-filmed class presentations and reviews. In other words, we have everything you need to learn how to dive like a pro!

We offer training for all levels of divers, from beginners to advanced. You’ll be amazed how easy and relaxing learning can be, having your own personal dive instructor on board with you for the entire course. What makes “live-aboard” diving so special? You can be learning and diving along your trip – IN TOTAL PRIVACY – instead of taking time to travel to dive locations from land, enjoying superb NAUTINESS II care and healthy meals in between.

If you have never been in a diving suit under water, but always dreamed of weightlessness to feel, we offer you the opportunity to realize your dreams now – IN ABSOLUTE PRIVATE ATMOSPHERE!

Find our more about our Sailing and Diving packages:

Dive instructions – dive courses with license
Also possible during our Liveaboard Sailing Trips, starting at Koh Samui. Read more about available courses on the website of our diving partners Samui Asia Divers.