Samui Crocodile Farm

The Samui Crocodile Farm is situated in a tropical palm garden of 8000 square meters next to an adjacent stone quarry. In August 2000, construction work began and in December 2000 the farm already opened to the publis. But it was just the beginning the the farm got extended continually over time. Today, many plants and trees give shade for the animals living here.

Currently, there is a hourly show from 12:00 bis 17:00 clock with a king cobras (13, 15, 17:00) and different species of crocodiles (12, 14 and 16:00 clock).

This crocodile show offers many surprises, and has the Sailing NAUTINESS team convinced that you will like ti too. If you want you can even touch one of these animals!

Between the shows you have a chance to visit the animals in their pens, terrariums and cages. There is always someone there to answer questions.

The snake show is an “exciting” matter and should only be visited if you have nerves of steel. Several species of snakes are seen and the highlight of this show is the kiss of death – see picture!

Adults … THB 500, –
Children (5 – 14 years) … THB 250, –

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